Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

Uses of Interface

Packages that use LinebreakAlgorithm
de.inghuimische.uta.linebreaking Contains the linebreaking API, classes and methods for splitting one paragraph into several lines.  
de.inghuimische.uta.test This package contains classes used for testing purposes.  
de.inghuimische.uta.typeset This package contains classes needed for typesetting text. 

Uses of LinebreakAlgorithm in de.inghuimische.uta.linebreaking

Classes in de.inghuimische.uta.linebreaking that implement LinebreakAlgorithm
 class AbstractLinebreakAlgorithm
          An abstract linebreaker providing some utiltiy methods and a empty feature list.
 class FirstFitAlgorithm
          A simple implementation of a line based break algorithm.
 class LineBasedBreakAlgorithm
          Base class for local optimizing line break algorithms.
 class ParagraphBasedBreakAlgorithm
          Base class for global optimizing line break algorithms.

Uses of LinebreakAlgorithm in de.inghuimische.uta.test

Methods in de.inghuimische.uta.test that return LinebreakAlgorithm
 LinebreakAlgorithm SimpleTypesetter.getLinebreakAlgorithm()

Constructors in de.inghuimische.uta.test with parameters of type LinebreakAlgorithm
SimpleTypesetter(LinebreakAlgorithm aLinebreaker, JustificationAlgorithm aJustifier, Script aDefaultScript)
          Constructs a new typesetter with given typesetter and default script.

Uses of LinebreakAlgorithm in de.inghuimische.uta.typeset

Methods in de.inghuimische.uta.typeset that return LinebreakAlgorithm
 LinebreakAlgorithm Typesetter.getLinebreakAlgorithm()
          The linebreak algorithm used.

Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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