Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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Packages that use ReferenceList
de.inghuimische.uta.qm This is the quality management package of UTA.  

Uses of ReferenceList in de.inghuimische.uta.qm

Fields in de.inghuimische.uta.qm declared as ReferenceList
protected  ReferenceList QualityManager.typesetReference
protected  ReferenceList QualityManager.linebreakReference
protected  ReferenceList QualityManager.justificationReference

Methods in de.inghuimische.uta.qm that return ReferenceList
 ReferenceList QualityManager.getLinebreakReference()
          Returns the linebreakReference.
 ReferenceList QualityManager.getJustificationReference()
          Returns the justificationReference.
 ReferenceList QualityManager.getScriptReference(Locale aLocale)
          Returns the script reference list for the given locale.
 ReferenceList QualityManager.getTypesetterReference()
          Returns the typesetter reference list.

Methods in de.inghuimische.uta.qm with parameters of type ReferenceList
static int QualityReport.supportLevel(ReferenceList reference, QManageable component)
          Utility method comparing the given component with the given reference.
 void QualityManager.addScriptReference(Locale aLocale, ReferenceList scriptReference)
          Adds a reference list for a script with the given locale.
 void QualityManager.setTypesetterReference(ReferenceList typesetReference)
          Sets the reference used for the typesetter.
 void QualityManager.setJustificationReference(ReferenceList justificationRef)
          Sets the reference used for the justification algorithm.
 void QualityManager.setLinebreakReference(ReferenceList linebreakReference)
          Sets the reference used for linebreak component.

Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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