Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

Package de.inghuimische.uta.qm

This is the quality management package of UTA.


Interface Summary
QManageable The interface every UTA component has to implement if it is manageable by a QualityManager.

Class Summary
Feature Instances of this class describe a feature as they have to be in feature and reference lists.
FeatureList A list of features most UTA components have to return.
QualityManager A quality manager has the capability to tell you how good an UTA typesetter is.
QualityReport A quality report is generated and returned by the QualityManager.
ReferenceList A reference list describes which features a particulary script must implement to fulfil basic or all requirements.

Package de.inghuimische.uta.qm Description

This is the quality management package of UTA. It provides classes to retrieve meta-information about the complete typesetting module and its subcomponents. This package addresses two main goals:

  1. Do the different subcomponents work together well? (does subcomponent A support all the features subcomponent B has?)
  2. What typesetting quality can I roughly expect? Are all required features supported?

This package is the interface to external applications which want to retrieve information about a typesetter.

Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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