Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

Package de.inghuimische.uta.test

This package contains classes used for testing purposes.


Class Summary
SimpleCharIterator Limited implementation for testing purposes.
SimpleEmbeddingLevel A limited implementation of the EmbeddingLevel interface for testing purposes.
SimpleGlyph Simple bean-style implementation of the Glyph interface.
SimpleGlyphFactory A simple implementation of the GlyphFactory interface primarily meant for testing purposes.
SimpleItem A simple implementation of the item interface with no support for multiple widths or item position.
SimpleScript A minimal implementation of the script interface.
SimpleTypesetter A simple implementation of a typesetter providing no extra features.
SinusLineWidthModel Calculates the line width by using the sinus function.
TypesetterTest A simple test class typesetting a piece of text with the SinusLineWidthModel.
UnitConverterTest Test the UnitConverter.

Package de.inghuimische.uta.test Description

This package contains classes used for testing purposes. To see a simple typesetter implementation in action call the main method of the TypesetterTest class.

Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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