Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

Interface GlyphFactory

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public interface GlyphFactory

A factory used to retrieve glyphs. Should be implemented to cache and recycle glyphs.

Christian Ziesemer

Method Summary
 Glyph getGlyph(int c, Map attributes)
          Returns a glyph for the given character.

Method Detail


public Glyph getGlyph(int c,
                      Map attributes)
Returns a glyph for the given character. The factory has to take care to fill the glyph with the attributes and the character provided. The glyph index must not set by the factory, this is done by the script.

c - The character a glyph is searched for.
attributes - The attributes of the character.
A glyph with the character and attributes set.

Unified Typesetting API M1-20040817

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